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Idaho Mountain Sunrise oil on panel 24 x 48 inches $1400.00 

Sunrise Dream mixed media on panel 48 x 24 inches $1800.00

North American Pronghorn Antelope oil on panel 48 x 24 inches $1800.00

Cougars Canyon mixed media 48 x 24 inches on panel $1800.00

Yellowstone Bison (buffalo) acrylic on panel 36 x 24 inches $ 1600.00

Below are a few examples of my Cosmic Light Series Paintings

Paintings depicting nocturnal light and shadow (or if you will the colors of night) conceptual works illustrating ideas of how Cosmic Light (Star and Moon light) effects the artist and hopefully the viewer of this work.

 Cosmic Light oil on panel 24 x 36 inches $800.00

Cosmic Light (conceptual) acrylic on panel 48 x 48 inches $1600.00

Cosmic Light (conceptual) acrylic on panel 24 x 24 inches $600.00

Cosmic Light (conceptual) lights on version 48 x 24 inches (sold)

Image below is the same painting as above only as seen in the dark.

Cosmic light (conceptual) lights off version

Some Cosmic Light Paintings display beautifully in the dark, especially under the influence of black light accent.

Contact: Len Sodenkamp Art for more information about glow in the dark Cosmic Light Series Paintings.

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